Our Vision and Mission


It began when we were changing a popped bike tire. We learned that, due to complex structures and difficulty in recycling, tires are mostly disposed of to landfills or via incineration, disrupting the ecological system.
The major reasons tires need replacement are bursting and oxidized cracking, thus we were inspired to develop bike tires with a solution to the problems. After two years of hard work we have finally developed NEXELL, the compounded macromolecular material, and through injection molding techniques produced NEXO,the burst-proof, inflation-free solid tires, in hope to alleviate environmental disturbance.


" NEX ", originated from Next, means innovation break-through and next generation.
" O ", the image of tyre, also implicates persistent evolution.

NEXO, brings you a safer and more carefree experience of cycling, becoming Your Next Tire!

Our Social Responsibility

NEXO holds the spirit of " Take from Society and Get Back to Society".  We constantly thinking about how to protect our environment and take care of the underprivileged groups. These few years, we have started with giving out free NEXO tires to students in needs. We help them to change their tires and checking  bike conditions as well. With our NEXO tires, those students can save money from tire replacements. Also, they don't need to worry about being late because of the flat tire. We keep promoting this project to our business partners and our clients as well, we hope there will be more companies to join us and make a better world in the future.
NEXO expects to make more contributions to our society whlie creating profits, so we promise to be more active in joining various charitable events to gain our goal in the future.

2015 Best of GOLDEN PIN Design Award
2015 TPC d&i Award