Our Breakthrough and New-Tech NEXO tire

Injection Technology

Molding-injection engineering

The manufacturing process of traditional rubber tires would require eight to nine steps. A single piece of tire would require numerous hours of making, and the labor, materials and resources consumed during the manufacturing period are enormous.

NEXO airless tires adopt one-shot injection technology. It only takes about 30 minutes to produce a tire from raw materials. Hence, NEXO airless tires help saving energy and resources to protect our enviroment during the manufacturing process.

Eco-friendly manufacturing process

Different from the traditional air tire, NEXO airless tire adopts one-shot injection technology, hence it will not exhaust any emissions or industrial wastewater during the manufacturing process. We hope to make an effort on reducing air and water pollution and return a cleaner enviroment to our planet.

A leap in material, an elimination in waste.

Through chain chemical bonding, the NEXELL polymer material fortifies the stability of the NEXO airless tires against reactions with moist or ozone (active oxygen, O3) in the environment, which are known to cause hydrolysis and cracking. Moreover, the burst-proof, non-pneumatic NEXO airless tires have been tested to maintain durability for more than 5,000 km treading. Longer product life in the bike tires means infrequent replacement and hence fewer waste tires.

Our materials  

Based on user needs, NEXELL materials can be selected and prepared by adjusting NEXELL macromolecular materials and undergoing a chemical reaction of high-temperature and high-pressure crosslinking in order to yield a single material with multiple functions. The material's hardness, ductility, elasticity, antibacterial, and other properties can be changed according to the conditions required by the product and thus achieve a product upgrading effect.


NEXELL material features high water resistance and anti-oxidation and will not cause the problems of hydrolysis and decomposition even after long periods of time. Also, the material can have even better wear resistance when properly formulated and prolong the product service life.


NEXELL adopts the foaming process and is processed at a high temperature and high pressure condition. The finished products are filled with stable gas, nitrogen (N2), so that they can not only achieve great performance but also be lightweight in order to reduce the burden on users.

Bacteria resistance

NEXELL materials generate thousands of closed cells through a chemical cross-linking process. Since these closed cells are not interconnected with each other, they form an environment
that inhibits the growth of bacteria. NEXELL can also be enhanced with an inorganic antibacterial formula to achieve antibacterial and environmentally friendly effects.


NEXELL material is a compounded macromolecular material. In accordance with user's requirement, the material can be selected and formulated to have different mechanical characteristics, such as impact resistance, high/low bounce, multiple densities, etc, which are all intergrated in a single material.

Water proof

After being processed by cross linking, NEXELL material can form a large number of closed cells; these closed cells are disconnected from one another, so water drops are forced to remain on the surface and cannot infiltrate the finished product. This enhances the service life of finished products while meeting the comfort needs of users.

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