Instruction of NEXO tire Installation


Product Usage Declaration

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    Installation Guide

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    Product Usage Declaration

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Product usage declaration

  • For your safety, please carefully read the specification before installation and install the tire according to the steps of the installation manual.

  • Please install new T-Bolts when reinstall the NEXO tire, do not use the same T-Bolts again.

  • Please do not deliberately brake the bicycle to slide or drift under the high speed, it will cause abnormal wear and shorten the service life of the tire.

  • Please avoid placing a heavy object on the tire and high-temperature exposure to extend the service life of the tire.

  • Please keep the bicycle away from fire source, heat source, oil or chemicals, such as search light, camp fire, heater, oil, acidic, alkali materials or other harmful substances in order to extend the service life of the tire.

  • Please do not riding on a high stepped road to avoid accidents.

  • Please do not use the tire on metal trainers to prevent the tire from being softened due to heat so as to extend the service life of the tire.

  • Tires are expendables, the abrasion degree and service life depend on personal riding habit; please periodically check the depth of the tire tread.

  • Please keep distance from front vehicles and pedestrians while riding.

  • It is suggested that the weight of the rider should not exceed 100 kg.

If an accident occurs due to human negligence, the rider should assume all responsibilities.